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Produced in the body naturally is collagen, along with elastin, which keeps the skin looking tight, full, and youthful. As we age, though, our body sadly produces less and less collagen and elastin. All the while, our skin loses volume, forms wrinkles, and starts to appear more aged overall.

Sculptra Butt Injections

Sculptra is a water-based injectable that uses a unique acid called Poly-L-Lactic Acid (PLLA), which acts as a bio-activator, stimulating collagen production and gradually restoring volume to the treated area. Multiple vials may be necessary to achieve full correction of hip dips and achieve the desired figure. If an entire Sculptra BBL is desired, with a booty lift, then an increased number of vials of Sculptra will be necessary. The exact number of vials depends on the architecture and anatomy of each patient, how large a correction is needed, and the desired size of buttock augmentation.


Sculptra + PRP injection Combination

This treatment is combination of these two effective treatments, and it’s a powerful one. Both Sculptra and PRP stimulate the body’s natural collagen production and both effectively fight those pesky signs of aging with beautiful results. Best of all, this specific treatment combination produces results that last longer than standard dermal fillers since they keep working in your body even after treatment.

Starting at $2,400 per session

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