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Reset skin from within.

The first and only Cryomodulation treatment that calms Skinflammation from the inside out.


Cryomodulation is the first pigment removal and melasma improval treatment that uses patented cooling technology to freeze melanin at the source while effectively soothing skin.  Cryomodulation also comfortably and effectively treats the appearance of rosacea and redness. The dispersed cooling suppresses pro-inflammatory mediators as well as increases anti-inflammatory mediators.

Results show a progressive diminishing of lesions and reduction of redness in as little as a few weeks revealing brighter, more radiant skin.

Glacial Rx is a refreshing experience with the results of a safe, proven medical treatment. Unlike lasers, it does not require any anesthesia or numbing with minimal to no downtime. When it comes to results, every degree matters. Selfie's Glacial specialists adjust the precision cold technology to customize the treatment  for the unique need of the patient. No matter the skin type, treated skin will feel calmer and look

.brighter almost immediately

Glacial Rx CryoModulation

Glacial Cryomodulation Treatment combines the power of precision cooling technology and dermabrasion to suppress inflammation, even skin tone, reduce redness and puffiness while providing a relaxing experience.

45 min treatment

Glacial Rx

Glacial Focus reduces pain, swelling and inflammation, through the power of continuous precision cooling, leaving calm skin.

10 minute treatment

Glacial Rx
Spot Freeze

Glacial Freeze comfortably removes benign lesions through the power of precision cooling technology that impairs melanin transfer leaving clear, beautiful skin.

5 minute treatment 
$100 each spot


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