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Many people have the wrong idea about lip filler...⁣

With filler you can achieve two things: PLUMPING and/or CONTOUR 👄⁣



By adding filler to increase volume and plump the lips to create a youthful and hydrated look. This should be done slowly over several treatments in order to prevent complications with lip filler, such as migration or lumps and bumps.⁣

Contour ⁣


Using filler to enhance the contours, correct asymmetrical lips & the border around the lips creating a sharper more defined look. This can be achieved in one office visit with regular maintenance required.⁣

Many times, our Selfie Aesthetic injectors use both techniques. It is important to allow your injector to help utilize the best technique in order to not only improve your selfie but most importantly your self confidence. ⁣

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