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Melissa White M.A_

Melissa White, M.A.


Melissa White, Selfie Administrator, has specialized in Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine since 2012. In 2010, Melissa obtained her Medical Assistant license alongside a degree in Health Care Management and in 2016 began working with Tanya Patron, PA-C. After so many years of great collaboration Melissa and Tanya, were too in-sync to separate. Their combined skills were put to the test with the opening of Selfie Aesthetic in 2020. With the rapid growth and success of Selfie Melissa started alongside Tanya PA-C Selfie Aesthetic journey since day one. With the rapid growth of Selfie Aesthetic.
Melissa’s role has evolved and expanded to develop proprietary management systems to ensure consistent patient experience as well as continued growth of the practice. 

Melissa has a special gift of truly connecting with all of the Selfie Aesthetic patients on a personal basis, a concierge approach to each and everyone's specific needs. Melissa scheduling wizardry keeps Selfie consistently on time, and as efficient as possible. She continues to ensure Selfie is positioned as one of the top Aesthetic practices through excellent customer service and organization. 
Melissa is also quite the animal lover and a wonderful mom of 3 children. She also enjoys candle making, traveling, and even helps to create some of the Selfie merchandise sold in our practice.

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