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If you have any interest in a Non Surgical Nose Job, this is the first appointment option you would choose to start treatment. 


Nasal Tox IS NOT only for Non surgical nose job patients. This service covers all areas of the Nose including:

Nasal Tip

Nostril Flaring

Nasal Slimming


This treatment is for any candidate that desires to lift the nasal tip and enhance the contour of your nose. Also, If you are bothered by nasal flares and large nostril size, a few injections of Tox on either side of the nose will prevent the nostrils from expanding too widely. These Tox injections will relax the muscles that pull on the nostrils and cause unwanted flaring. 


Please keep in mind, if you are interested in the Non surgical nose job treatment, we will schedule you for your future Filler appointment to perform Non Surgical Nose Job, once the nasal tox results are fully kick in.


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