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Platelet rich fibrin, PRF, is the next generation of platelet rich plasma- PRP injections. PRF contains very high concentrations of fibrin and white blood cells that have been shown to provide rejuvenating effects for the skin. The high concentration of plasma and white blood cells in each patients’ own PRF are released much slower resulting in long lasting results.

​The platelet rich fibrin is injected to stimulate cell turnover, collagen production, and creating new blood vessels to reduce aging effects. PRF under eyes injections vs dermal fillers provide a more natural result as it is the most organic "filler" around, without causing fluid retention and/or puffiness. Unlike dermal fillers that are synthetically derived, PRF Filler is an all-natural, autologous biostimulating and volumizing gel that is obtained from your own blood to improve your skin’s tone, texture and thickness of skin, while treating the appearance of dark under eye circles, volume loss, fine lines and wrinkles on the face. 

This service is for injections ONLY. The PRF treatment is not performed with a mirconeedling device.

For optimal results, 3-4 sessions are recommended  to achieve desired results targeted areas goal.

$650 Per session
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