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Non Surgical Nose Job Selfie Aesthetic S

South Miami Medical Aesthetic Center











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Tanya Patron PA-C

Tanya Patron PA-C Selfie Aesthetic Headshot.JPG



Tanya is a Nationally Certified Physician Assistant offering the latest advances in aesthetic non-surgical procedures and treatments. 

Tanya has been injecting since 2011 and works with all FDA products on the market. She specializes in Facial Contouring & Non Surgical Rhinoplasties. She is the founder of  Liftie™, an accessory attachment for fillers making injectables safer for patients and more comfortable for injectors worldwide. 


Tanya also specializes in PDO Threads, as well as Micro-needling with and without PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) for facial rejuvenation which improves the appearance of fines lines and wrinkles. 


She enjoys not only treating her patients, but educating them as well the prevention of aging skin.


Tanya is also an educator and trainer for fellow PA’s and NP’s and will be launching a training course in the near future.  She is also a faculty member of the Aesthetic Extender Symposium, an annual conference that features cutting edge educational sessions with live demonstration laser and injectable workshops. 




Symone Ambrose RN FNP-S

Symone is our newest Selfie Provider and specializes in IV Therapy, vitamin injections, and advanced skincare treatments such as PRP, Dermaplaning, and Skinfusions (a specialized facial that regenerates new healthy collagen and turns back time).

As a little girl Symone always knew she wanted to be a nurse after watching her own aunt in admiration as a nursing professional. Symone is currently in the process of completing her Masters degree as a Nurse Practitioner. Symone started her medical career at several recognized Hospitals in Miami. Symone has spent most of her medical career in the NICU (Neonate Intensive Care Unit), making her the most delicate IV specialist of all time. While working in the hospital, and attending school, Symone began shadowing Tanya Patron, PA-C in 2018 which quickly grew her passion for Aesthetics & skincare. 

Symone has been involved in Plastic Surgery for a number of years, and recently opened her own PostOp Recovery Concierge Service in 2020 which focuses on post surgical massages that assist with the healing process during the most crucial days. Through this experience Symone truly understands the importance of patient education and post treatment care.


“I want to be able to provide my patients with individualized care as every patient has a different case. I get to be the hand that enhances someone’s existing beauty and make them feel so good about themselves!”

Jessica Oporto MSN APRN FNP-BC


Jessica Oporto, NP, was born in Miami, Florida and always knew she was destined for a career in Health Care. Nursing provided Jessica the ability to provide not only medical care, but also connect on a personal level with patients providing compassionate care and specialized guidance.


After a couple of years working in the NICU as a Pediatric Urgent Care Nurse Jessica decided to advance her career by obtaining her Master’s Degree to become a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner.


With a passion for exploring all things beauty and makeup, she began to dive deeper into the world of Medical Aesthetics through social media. Shortly after, Jessica decided it was time to get a treatment herself.


It was at one of Jessica’s Tox treatments she met a Nurse with a real passion for education. Throughout her appointment they discussed aesthetic treatments, technique, and anatomy. She then realized the world of Medical Aesthetics fulfilled many of her passions with her medical care.


Jessica began pursuing more education and immediately signed herself up for a Medical Aesthetics training course. This course solidified Jessica’s dreams. Determined to break into the industry, Jessica attended one of Liftie Aspirator’s Safety Workshops. Immediately after clicking with the Selfie Aesthetic Team, Jessica was invited to begin her journey at Selfie Aesthetic.


Jessica became the first official graduate of Selfie Aesthetic’s, Selfie University training program. After several weeks of comprehensive training directly with Tanya Patron, PA-C, Jessica, NP was an official Aesthetic Injector.


Jessica is a Sagittarius who has a love for lifting weights, all things home décor, and is an admitted Target and Amazon shopaholic. If you are a patient looking to bring Jess a coffee, skip the Starbucks line and head to your closest ventanita, because cafecito is the only coffee this Cuban drinks!

Jessica Oporto MSN APRN FNP-BC - final headshot edit.JPG


Tox Treatment
Tox Treatment

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Chin Dip
Chin Dip

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Lip Hydration with Fillers & Airbrushing
Lip Hydration with Fillers & Airbrushing

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Tox Treatment
Tox Treatment

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Yeilan MA - final headshot edit.JPG


Yeilan M.A.

Meet, Yeilan, Selfie Aesthetic’s newest Certified Medical Assistant. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Yeilan is here to answer any and all questions in both Spanish and English. After you check in, Yeilan is ready to assist you with your medical records and prep you before any of your treatments. 

Need a Vitamin Boost? Yeilan also administers all of our B12 and B12 + MIC vitamin injections. Scheduled for a PRP treatment? Yeilan will be drawing your blood and getting your skin ready for your treatment. 

Yeilan completed her Associate's degree in Medical Assisting at Miami Lakes Educational Center. Since completing her medical training, Yeilan has worked in various clinics including a Child Developmental Center. Yeilan has a special love for both children, and raising animals including french bull dog puppies. So cute! She also enjoys experimenting with makeup and all things beauty making her a perfect fit for our Selfie Squad.

Melissa White M.A.


Melissa White, Selfie Administrator, has specialized in Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine since 2012. In 2010, Melissa obtained her Medical Assistant license alongside a degree in Health Care Management and in 2016 began working with Tanya Patron, PA-C. After so many years of great collaboration Melissa and Tanya, were too in-sync to separate. Their combined skills were put to the test with the opening of Selfie Aesthetic in 2020. With the rapid growth and success of Selfie Melissa started alongside Tanya PA-C Selfie Aesthetic journey since day one. With the rapid growth of Selfie Aesthetic.
Melissa’s role has evolved and expanded to develop proprietary management systems to ensure consistent patient experience as well as continued growth of the practice. 

Melissa has a special gift of truly connecting with all of the Selfie Aesthetic patients on a personal basis, a concierge approach to each and everyone's specific needs. Melissa scheduling wizardry keeps Selfie consistently on time, and as efficient as possible. She continues to ensure Selfie is positioned as one of the top Aesthetic practices through excellent customer service and organization. 
Melissa is also quite the animal lover and a wonderful mom of 3 children. She also enjoys candle making, traveling, and even helps to create some of the Selfie merchandise sold in our practice.


Selfie Aesthetic South Miami Florida Mel


Valentina is on the frontline of the Selfie experience. Her face is the very first one you will see entering our practice. Her attention to detail began at a young age when she started discovering her talent in makeup. By the age of 18 she became a professional makeup artist as well as a lead artist at MAC cosmetics. Her dedication to all things beauty and business has made her an integral part of the Selfie Squad.


She is also currently finishing her last year to earn her Bachelors degree in Accounting so she can run her own empire in the near future!


"I love greeting every patient here at Selfie; to see their excitement makes this such a fun place to work. I also love helping them with their skincare purchases and learning more every day about preventative treatments."

Valentina porras selfie aesthetic south


jessica levi selfie aesthetic miami.JPG


Jessica Levi


Jessica Levi is a Miami native and the ultimate beauty product & makeup conissour. Understanding the consumers thought process has always been her biggest commitment to her work. She has a background in Digital Marketing, Videography,  Event Production, and Public Relations. 


With a previous background in Production & Design in Corporate Event Planning industry, Jessica really understands how important the client experience is with a brand. 

Graduating from Kogod School of Business at American University in 2016, Jessica has also lived and worked in cities across the world, including Barcelona, Spain, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles, California.

Contact Jessica for group appointments, event requests or influencer collaborations!


The Injector Masterclass by Tanya Patron


Inquire about training opportunities with

Tanya Patron PA-C.

Tanya PA-C is also an educator and trainer for fellow MD's, PA’s, and NP’s. She is also a faculty member of the Aesthetic Extender Symposium, an annual conference that features cutting edge educational sessions with live demonstration laser and injectable workshops. In 2020, Tanya hosted AES’ first Virtual Aesthetic Conference as well as the Aesthetic Next conference out of her new practice, Selfie Aesthetic and won the AES Visionary of the Year Award. We look forward to participating at AES 2021.