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Educator & Founder

Tanya's passion for delivering the latest advances in aesthetic non-surgical procedures and treatments is what sets her apart. Holding a Master's degree in Clinical Medical Sciences from Barry University, Tanya has been injecting since 2011 and specializes in Facial Contouring & Non Surgical Nose Job. She not only treats her patients but educates them on every available preventative treatment to ensure their overall well-being.


Tanya's innovative approach to patient care is evident in the way she revolutionized the patient experience through technology, memberships, and an innovative office design at her injectable based Medical Aesthetic Center, Selfie Aesthetic, in South Miami - all in 2020.


Tanya's expertise is recognized across the industry, as she serves as an educator and trainer for Allergan, Galderma, and Revance Aesthetics, while also being a faculty member of the annual Aesthetic Extender Symposium. Her commitment to advancing injectables led her to develop Liftie Aspirator™, an accessory attachment for fillers that makes injectables safer for patients and more comfortable for injectors worldwide.

From her early years at Barry University's Physician Assistant program, where she helped launch the program's first Plastic Surgery rotation, to her work at Miami Plastic Surgery - where she continued to further her craft and love for cosmetic injectables for 12 years - Tanya has always prioritized improving the patient experience through education, innovation, and technology.


Aesthetic Injector

Jessica Oporto, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, always knew she was destined for a career in healthcare. Her passion for nursing gave her the ability to not only provide medical care, but also to connect with her patients on a personal level, providing specialized guidance and optimized medical outcomes.


After several years working in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Pediatric Urgent Care, Jessica decided to advance her career in 2018 by graduating from the University of Miami to become a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner. She then began to transition her education towards Aesthetic Medicine.


With now over 2 years in Aesthetics, Jessica is now specialized in injectables including neurotoxins, fillers, and various medical-grade skin treatments. Her Selfie patients will tell you how much they appreciate her truly gentle touch and dedication to aesthetic education. Jessica is also fluent in both English and Spanish.

Amber Lubie, APRN

Aesthetic Injector

Meet Amber Lubie, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, your go-to aesthetic expert with a passion for enhancing natural beauty. A proud graduate of the University of Florida and a master's recipient from the esteemed University of Miami, Amber brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the field of aesthetic medicine.


With a genuine love for her craft, Amber is more than just an injector; she's a compassionate caregiver who prioritizes patient safety, comfort and satisfaction above all else. Her warm demeanor and attentive approach make each client feel valued and understood throughout their aesthetic journey.


Amber's dedication to staying at the forefront of advancements in the field ensures that her techniques are not only effective but also safe and innovative. Whether it's smoothing wrinkles, enhancing features, or rejuvenating skin, she approaches each procedure with precision and artistry, tailored to suit individual needs.


When she's not busy transforming lives through aesthetic medicine, you can find Amber indulging in her love for travel, reading by the pool, or simply spending quality time with her loved ones.


Join us in welcoming Amber Lubie, APRN, to our team, where beauty

meets expertise. 


Aesthetic Injector

Sabrina Mitson, Certified Physician Assistant, always knew she wanted to pursue a career focused on patient-centered care. Sabrina began exploring different specialties during her undergraduate years at the University of Florida. This was when she discovered the world of aesthetics and her true passion for enhancing natural beauty and empowering individuals.

This newfound passion ignited Sabrina's drive to pursue a career as a certified physician assistant specializing in aesthetics which led her to pursue a Master’s in Physician Assistant Studies at Florida International University. During her time at FIU, Sabrina pioneered the first aesthetics clinical rotation for the program, demonstrating her dedication to advancing in the field. Through this initiative, she honed her skills in injectables, including neurotoxins and fillers, while gaining invaluable hands-on experience in the art and science of aesthetic medicine.

With a solid foundation rooted in academic excellence and clinical proficiency, Sabrina embarked on her professional journey, committed to delivering personalized care and exceptional results to her patients while understanding and aligning with each patient’s unique goals. She combines her medical knowledge with her passion for aesthetics to empower patients to look and feel their best. At Selfie Aesthetic, Sabrina's patients benefit from her expertise, gentle touch, and unwavering dedication to their aesthetic goals.

Selfie Concierge

Valentina Porras

Selfie Concierge


Sarah Salcedo

Selfie Concierge

Medical Assistant_edited.png

Yeilan Soto 

Medical Assistant 

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Jennifer Lopez

Medical Assistant


Practice Administrator & Medical Assistant

Melissa White, Selfie Administrator, has specialized in Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine since 2012. In 2010, Melissa obtained her Medical Assistant license alongside a degree in Health Care Management and in 2016 began working with Tanya Patron, PA-C. After so many years of great collaboration Melissa and Tanya, were too in-sync to separate. Their combined skills were put to the test with the opening of Selfie Aesthetic in 2020. 
Melissa’s role has evolved and expanded to develop proprietary management systems to ensure consistent patient experience as well as continued growth of the practice. 

Melissa has a special gift of truly connecting with all of the Selfie Aesthetic patients on a personal basis, a concierge approach to each and everyone's specific needs. Melissa scheduling wizardry keeps Selfie consistently on time, and as efficient as possible. She continues to ensure Selfie is positioned as one of the top Aesthetic practices through excellent customer service and organization. 

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