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The possibilities of red light to treat a variety of health and aesthetic concerns are just emerging.

Red light therapy (RLT) is a type of photomedicine, which is the use of light to treat skin and other health conditions, enhancing a youthful look in skin. 

Red light therapy decreases inflammation to address redness, acne, and hair growth, also allowing topical or oral treatments for these conditions to work even better. In addition, when it comes to banishing breakouts, red light therapy increases our immune defenses against the bacteria associated with the formation of acne. 

For lines and wrinkles, these treatments target enzymes associated with the breakdown of collagen, and stimulate collagen production.

One of our experienced providers can customize a treatment plan that best fits your needs and desired skin goals by incorporating RLT into your treatment plan. 


This service can be scheduled as an Add-On service to your existing appointment or

booked solely for Red Light Therapy.

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